With No Mor Problems, do I still shock my pool?

With No Mor Problems, do I still shock my pool?

Nope! With No Mor Problems there's no need to shock anymore. No Mor Problems breaks up chloramines - which is the reason you need to shock. Just continue your regular sanitation and No Mor Problems takes care of the rest.
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    • I used No Mor Problems and my pool still has algae.

      No Mor Problems is only used for prevention. To kill algae present you'll need a rescue algaecide. You can refer to the below table for recommendations: Algae Type Recommended Algicide Mustard Yellow Treat Green Green Treat (mild) or Swamp Treat ...
    • I used No Mor Problems and my pool turned green.

      If you used No Mor Problems and shocked and the pool water turned green it's likely you have a lot of metal in the water. We recommend lowering the Total Alkalinity to 80, and consider using Pool Stain Treat to keep the metals in solution.
    • Is No Mor Problems safe for pets?

      Absolutely. No Mor Problems is safe for pets that swim and drink from the pool.
    • What is No Mor Problems?

      No Mor Problems is a liquid preventative algicide for all types of algae and bacteria. It also acts as a filter aid - increasing water clarity. It works independent of phosphate levels, saving money. And breaks up chloramines - eliminating the need ...
    • I used No Mor Problems and my pool can't get a chlorine reading.

      No Mor Problems can sometimes interfere with chlorine readings. If that happens, don't shock. Just chlorinate as normal until the reading returns. It can take up to two weeks for chlorine readings to fully stabilize. You will not grow algae in the ...