What does white water mold look like?

What does white water mold look like?

White Water Mold looks like white shredded tissue paper floating in the water. It breaks apart easily to the touch.

Example of white water mold growing in hot tub.
We recommend using Pink Treat.

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    • Can I swim in a pool with white water mold?

      In general, yes: white water mold is safe for swimming. However if algae bloom is bad enough to prevent being able to see the main drain, then you shouldn't swim. Low water visibility presents a significant drowning risk.
    • How do I get rid of white water mold?

      For white water mold we recommend Pink Treat. Add 2 lbs. (one bottle) of Pink Treat, brush, and shock. You can find more information in the Directions tab on the product page.
    • What does scale look like?

      Scale looks like off-white or chalky build up on the surface, similar to the build up on faucets in your bathroom and kitchen.. To remove scale we recommend lowering the Total Alkalinity according to the Hamilton Index, and using Cal Treat. You can ...
    • What does black algae look like?

      Black Algae looks like small bluish-green to almost black nodules growing on the surface where circulation is low.  Example of black algae growing on plaster We recommend using Swamp Treat.
    • What does manganese staining look like?

      Manganese Staining looks like purple to magenta stains flush with the surface.  Illustration of purple manganese stains To remove it, we recommend Pool Stain Treat. You can find detailed instruction on the Directions tab of the Product Page.