I used Cal Treat and my hardness didn't change.

I used Cal Treat and my hardness didn't change.

Cal Treat may fail to lower calcium hardness in two scenarios:
  1. Cal Treat is formulated for D.E. filters only. If you used the product in cartridge or sand, there is no guarantee that it will pull the hardness out. You can try using filter aids in other filter types to pull some calcium hardness out, but there is no guarantee how much the filter will be able to capture.
  2. Cal Treat sometimes will first remove scale. In this case, the calcium hardness of the water won't be affected. Rather, the calcium scale brought into solution will filter out. In this case, we recommend repeating the treatment to begin to filter out calcium hardness in the water, now that the scale has been removed.

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    • Does Cal Treat remove scale?

      Yes! Cal Treat can remove scale build up. However, if Cal Treat removes scale, it won't necessarily lower the hardness level. Rather, the scale removed will filter out, and the hardness level will stay relatively the same. You can repeat the ...
    • How does Cal Treat affect balancing?

      Cal Treat removes up to 400 ppm of calcium hardness. It's also slightly acidic and may lower pH.
    • How do I lower Hardness?

      To lower Hardness we recommend using Cal Treat if you have a D.E. Filter to remove hardness approx. 200-400ppm. Add 2.5 lbs (one bottle) of Cal Treat per 15,000 gallons. Otherwise, if your source water is 300ppm less hard than your pool water, you ...
    • Is Cal Treat okay to use with sand filters?

      In general, no. Sand doesn't filter small enough microns to capture calcium. You may consider using crushed glass media, which will filter down to 5 microns. This should be sufficient to remove calcium hardness using Cal Treat.
    • How often should I add Cal Treat to my pool?

      We recommend using Cal Treat every time you add fill water to lower hardness and prevent scale. You can find more information in the Directions tab on the product page.